Bingo Gala Slot Machines Pay Out Big

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
By Bingo Weekly

Ever since Bingo Gala went flash and introduced some amazing new online slot machines more and more bingo players are getting fixated on them.

Members at the very popular online bingo room that recently had the chance to win big include “rabbitt”, “lilwadewill” and “dozy46”.

The big spin for the player known as “rabbitt” came on November 14th when a single spin on the Spin Castle Slot machine rewarded this player from Winder, Georgia the massive prize of $1,500.00.

Less than ten days later on November 23rd, “lilwadewill” from Bristol, Connecticut was laughing all the way to the bank as her single spin struck the big money and also won $1,500.00 on the Spin Castle Slot machine.

Another popular slot machine at the moment seems to be the 4-reel, 5 payline Buried Treasure game that features reel icons such as pirates, gold coins, ships, flags and many more.

The player known only as “dozy46” from Tewin in the United Kingdom won $560 on a small $3.50 bet after she hit 4 pirates on the reels, but things could have been a lot brighter for this player.

Had she played max bet on max denomination she would have won the Buried Treasure Progressive Jackpot which currently stands at well over $20,000.

Bingo Gala players get a 200% bonus on their first deposit and have the chance to win life changing jackpots.

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